On 27 June, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved the processing of the Trans Bill. The Alianza Contra el Borrado de las Mujeres (Alliance Against the Erasure of Women) calls on associations, the media, political parties, families and health professionals to promote an essential debate on a legal text that turns the biological and material reality of women into a fiction.

We regret that the government of Pedro Sánchez insists on the huge mistake of passing a law that is a frontal attack on many of the rights won by women. We are facing a government that is giving in to pressure from minority groups to introduce concepts and regulations into our legislation that are contrary to the Law on Equality between women and men and that seriously jeopardise the 2004 Organic Law on Comprehensive Protection Measures for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

While there are many worrying aspects, we highlight how this law introduces a system of punitive terror to silence women, associations and families who question gender affirmation therapies for minors, which are experimental and damage the physical and psychological health of minors with gender-based disorders. Gender discomfort or distress is not always associated with transsexuality. Gagging those who seek to know the source of these ailments in their children is a totalitarian policy unworthy of a healthy democracy.

The text’s focus on minors favours an approach that leads children as young as nine years old to reckless hormone treatment and irreversible mutilation. The government places Spain in a position that is already being left behind by countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden, where alarm bells have been ringing over the exponential growth of minors seeking irreversible medical interventions as the magic solution to their discomfort with sexist stereotypes. These countries are moving towards a more cautious approach to childhood and adolescent gender dysphoria, because data show that around 80% of dysphoric children outgrow it after puberty if they are not encouraged to transition.

We therefore call on families to join together, to organise themselves to report schools that are teaching content that puts the physical and psychological integrity of their children at risk.

It should be noted that the Trans Bill is contrary to recent decisions on sport categories being taken by International Federations following latest research on sex relevance in sport performance.

Pedro Sánchez’s government scorns science and women’s organisations

The government’s decision is taken without listening to women’s organisations, which have repeatedly warned that free self-ID of legal sex destroys women’s sex-based rights. The removal of requirements for legal sex change endangers the physical integrity of women in segregated spaces such as prisons, toilets, hospitals and facilities for women with disabilities. Self-ID allows abusers to avoid the rules against sex-based violence and makes it possible to cheat on equal representation quotas, awards and aids for women. There is no country that allows legal sex change with fewer requirements than the Spanish Bill.

The text aims to remove biologically based terms such as «mother» and «father», now considered offensive, from the Civil Registry. Instead, the Bill imposes unusual terms such as «gestating parent», which suggests that men can become pregnant. The Bill removes any paper trail of the biological sex of people who decide to transition, making it impossible to produce statistics on the harmful impact of this law on women, such as violence in female prisons by trans-identified males with intact genitalia.

Relevant bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary have warned that the Bill discriminates against women, allows for fraud, puts women’s sport at risk, fails to protect minors and violates the right of people to receive guidance and support without it being considered conversion therapy.

Warnings from the General Council of the Judiciary ignored

We would like to recall that the General Council of the Judiciary (Spanish acronym: CGPJ) warned about the possibility of male offenders using the change of legal sex to evade the regulations on violence against women, given that the Bill does not provide sufficient safeguards to prevent this potential risk.

The General Council of the Judiciary pointed out that the Bill is contrary to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court with regard to minors because constitutional case law requires minors to obtain judicial authorisation after proving “enough maturity” and a “stable situation of transsexuality”. This issue is fundamental because society must protect minors.

Furthermore, this autonomous body criticised the confusing concept of “conversion therapies” adopted by the Bill. The CGPJ indicated that psychological therapies cannot be prohibited if they are consented to by adults. The text of the Bill foresees fines of more than 100,000 EUR for health professionals for the mere fact of conducting any psychological therapy that explores the causes of gender dysphoria.

 Psychological therapy aimed at addressing dysphoria should not be banned. The women’s movement has pointed out that, under the cover of sex self-ID laws, gender nonconforming children are being told that their discomfort stems from being born into the wrong body and that their only alternative is lifelong medication and mutilation. This is the real conversion therapy, which the law seeks to impose. This is experimentation and abuse.

The government is denying Spanish society an essential debate and replacing it with authoritarian imposition.

The Bill disregards the warnings of the General Council of the Judiciary and introduces huge fines without trial simply for expressing an opinion on social networks or in the media.

The government deceives society when it pretends that the Trans Law is about the rights of transsexual people when the truth is that it allows any citizen to change and fictionalise their legal sex, with no more requirement than their mere will.

Call for a much-needed social debate

We call on all parliamentary groups to reject the articles of this law that deny the biological reality of sex and thus deny the oppression, inequality and violence suffered by women because of their sex.

 We call on the left political parties to abandon the identity drift that is alienating them from their voters.

We particularly encourage socialist women MPs to defend their party’s legacy of equality and to join with the women’s movement in actively opposing laws that turn the biological and material reality of women into a fiction.

We denounce the blatant attempts by transactivism to silence, through harassment and coercion, the voices of women exercising their right to be heard, and we condemn the outrageous silence of the Ministry of Equality in the face of the attacks that feminists are suffering.

 We call on the media to report in a truthful and pluralistic manner, and to abandon the practices of silencing the alerts that women’s organisations have been raising.

We urge health professionals, doctors and psychologists to reject conversion therapies that are leading children, especially girls, to puberty blockers, hormone treatments and irreversible surgeries.

 We encourage Spanish society to learn in detail about the consequences of the registered sex self-ID and to call assemblies in all kinds of associations in order to know the implications of a Bill that will seriously affect the lives of women and children.

Alianza Contra el Borrado de las Mujeres (Alliance Against the Erasure of Women)

28 – Jun – 2022




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